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Salt and Pebbles | Gallery

What a romantic and fantastic flowery image made of pebbles! Perfect thing for your bedroom to enhance the essence of romance! A beautiful amalgam of various pebble art manifestations! The mesmerizing (Diy Projects To Try)

Walking the dog. Pebble art by www.saltandpebbles.com #DogWalking

Walking the dog. Pebble art by www.saltandpebbles.com #DogWalking

All the pieces come from sentimental places.. branch from first house, rocks from wedding day, twigs or sand from honeymoon.

Unique WEDDING Gift, Customized Wedding Gift, Unique Engagement Gift, Bride and Groom Gift, Anniversary Gift- Pebble Art by MedhaRode on Etsy Mehr

Pebble Art Rock Art Pebble Art Couple Rock Art by CrawfordBunch

Pebble Art (two people/couple/siblings/parent child/grandparent child) sitting on log under tree and sun/moon in a "open" frame by CrawfordBunch on Etsy