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Celebrating The Seasons

anchor the root chakra and the heart chakra can open

anchor the root chakra and the heart chakra can open

Chakra 1: The Root Chakra

Learn about Chakra 2 or the Sacral Chakra, what causes it to go out of balance and ways that you can help to restore this balance through foods, activities and other methods.

Ashley Turner - Root Chakra- Grounded, Stable and Strong

We are so excited to welcome Ashley Turner to the BHD Teaching Family! Ashley talks about the chakras in this video series beginning with the root chakra.

Mature Religion Ganesha Hindu God Dance in by Crafterssupplies, $21.00

the god Ganesha- destroys obstacles and is associated with many other positive things.

Root Chakra - muladhara    Grounding, connecting to earth.  Root, support, survival, security, solidity, physical body, abundance.  Root chakra must be balanced before moving into other chakras.

A record and journal of my yoga practice as I continue an intense year of yoga teacher training with.

root chakra (detail)

root chakra (detail)