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Underskin - Sam Loman

Artist Sam Loman has created a lovely map of the human body in the style of the London Underground map. Okay it’s strictly not in the style of the London Underground Map because not all the l…

talkingtypes:    Visual message: metro map   Author: Tim Fishlock    Nicely done - even if some of the letters are a bit of a stretch - but Animals on the Underground is more fun. @minspins

London-based designer and illustrator Tim Fishlock posterized Harry Beck's famous alphabet made of sections and lines from the London Underground map. From the book "Alphabets: A Miscellany of Letters" by David Sacks

skeletal anatomy

Names of bones - skeleton [Great site for understanding the human skeletal system. Includes diagrams, quizes, fun facts and simple explanations for several skeletal questions]

Señoras y señores, con todos nosotros: La Vida

Our bodies metabolism pathways show the beauty insane complexity of human biochemistry!

Raise Drug & Alcohol Addiction Awareness [INFOGRAPHIC]

Raise Drug & Alcohol Addiction Awareness [INFOGRAPHIC] Disagree with one part, but pretty accurate otherwise.

lights-in-the-sky: How long to animals live for. http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/

Interesting Trivia - how long does that animal live? What is the average lifespan of a wolf? What about a woodpecker? This infographic looks at the lifespan of different species and how long they live.

Rainbow Queen

Vogue Chart - The Rainbow Queen - Her Majesty's Favourite Outfit Colours (Queen Elizabeth II)

THE HUMAN BODY IS MAGNIFIED AND FRAGMENTED BY MELTEM ISIK                                                                                                                                                                                 More

With her Body Perceptions series, the Turkish artist Meltem Isik seeks to confront her models to the distortions of the human body, making them pose with phot

"You’re literally painting with light, and when that painting is on a person, it’s as if the light is inside of them shining out."

This Artist Uses The Human Body As A Canvas For His Black Light Art

This is a collection of Black Light Bodyscapes by artist and photographer John Poppleton