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the Shapes Collection

The Shapes Collection By AANDERSSON

AANDERSSON debuted a simple set of mugs that also serve as sculptural decor where each mug has a unique handle that explores geometry in a distinct way.

glass 2 - Not-So-Kitchy Stained Glass | California Home + Design

This captivating design is by DaSomm Choi for Yellow Goat Design is called Pxl. A contemporary and approach to a stain glass window. This wall of colored light and shadow is interactive and lifts my spirit up to the heavens!

Praktisch, want als je moe bent dan kan je zo gaan slapen en heb je geen kussen meer nodig.

pillow wig - oh my goodness! I want one of these! I could nap whenever & wherever I wanted and I would always have a legitimate reason for Bed Head!

Paint that cool driftwood you found on your amazing vacation and hang it on the wall!

painted driftwood wall art - great way to get the kids to pick up fallen wood AND be crafty

Rolling Rhythms of Tides. Hand-dyed threads. Helena Emmans.

Rolling Rhythms of Tides. I don't know where this image fits I just like it

Gorgeous pen, would be a dream to write with!   NAKAYA FOUNTAIN PEN - Japanese handmade fountain pens

NAKAYA FOUNTAIN PEN Japanese handmade fountain pens When my "ship comes in" owning a Nakaya is one splurge I so want to take!