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RWBY: Fire Brigade by PencilManners.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Whenever yang gets angry, its very likely that she would cause a mess. So what does team RWBY do to when a random silhouetted stranger accidentally push.

I'm Glad You're Alive! by Lulu2222 on DeviantArt

I'm Glad You're Alive! by on DeviantArt. Sooooo cuteeeeee they are tottaly adorable

27 - '...Just right' by VnixxiR on DeviantArt

I don't ship yang and Blake but I think this is cute in a friendly way

undertale, underswap, papyrus, sans

undertale, underswap, papyrus, sans nuuuuuuuuuu US PAP!

Sisters <3 I need Yang back on her feet next season. I really do.

RWBY Volume 3 Callbacks - inthefallofasparrow

Holy stars Pap..... That is wayyy to impressionable. And then his face at the end is so starry

Papyrus' early years and how he got the idea to join the royal guard.

# Rwby version seriously painting 60-minute one-game match of midnight  late pair iconic something. * · °

ぱとら on

# Rwby version seriously painting one-game match of midnight late pair iconic something.