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It was Pam, in the break room, with the Jello stapler!

With Michael Scott gone with love Holly, who will be the world's best boss on The Office? Can Dwight bounce back from his little office shooting mishap and get the job of his dreams? Will Jim, Pam, Angela, Kevin and the rest of. I WANT THIS OMG

Adventure Time mash. I love the futurama ones! Especially since Jake and bender are voiced by the same guy :)

Funny pictures about Adventure Time Mashups. Oh, and cool pics about Adventure Time Mashups. Also, Adventure Time Mashups.

The Joker and Catwoman would make their first appearances in the Batman universe in the first issue of the standalone Batman comic released in 1940.

See the Characters of Batman As First Introduced in the Comic Books

After his debut in Detective Comics in March one year later in April 1940 the Caped Crusader got his own comic book title "Bat Man" along with Robin The Boy Wonder!

Comic Book and Banksy wallpaper for the home

Batman: Pinnacle of Human Potential. He is the World's Greatest Detective & World's Premier Martial Artist.

64 Dollar Grocery Budget – Target Breakdown | 4 Hats and Frugal

64 Dollar Grocery Budget - Target Breakdown

See how a 64 dollar grocery budget at Target can yield 14 meal ideas, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, for a whole week and more without eating junk!