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A battle of two wolves inside us. Odin's wolves Geri and Freki. Mythology Quote History Yes

You didn't cross my path to judge or hurt you...Who am I to judge, when I myself walk imperfectly....I don't want anything from you...I want you to feel free...I am just a human being with unexplainable emotions and thoughts that confuse the sh*t out of me....like my brother always says "she is as simple as quantum physics"

Your first mistake was thinking that I'm one of your sheep. Be a wolf amongst all the baaah sheep!

I ❤️ wolves!

White Wolf : Enchanted Fantasy Wolf Digital Art of Cindy Grundsten (Photos - Video)

Tribe wolf

Furudamen seal:fire(he's supposed to have a black fire mark on his right eye) original chi tribe:Bleeduchi job:Daemen death:killed by Ryukati - Wolf

During her adventure, a protecting wolf spirit named Enáth (meaning: New Moon) joins Shimounah's fellowship. But Enáth keeps a heavy burden: He is not who he appears to be.

Atrapasueños lobos

I can't believe I found a picture like this, with four wolves. I'm using them to represent (Top to clockwise) Emma, Annie, Rachel, Unknown.

Like a Bride waiting for her groom, we'll be a church! Ready for you!~ ^.^

Naomi's father, Drew Sauvage, is a Lakota Wolf Dreamer. This is neither Lakota nor a Wolf Dreamer -- but it's a spirit Wolf, and it might be how Naomi saw Drew in her dream at the beginning of TAPPED.