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Handle Backpack Natural (Free Worldwide Express Delivery)

Handle Backpack Natural

Mandela and Princess Di- 1997

March Diana, Princess of Wales met with South African President Nelson Mandela, in Cape Town, South Africa while visiting her brother, Charles. Princess Diana met with Mandela to discuss the threat of AIDS in South Africa

Gorgeous broad strap sandals in white, blue and red/orange with a high wide heel.

Cette semaine, j'ai aimé... #56 - Punky B - Blog Mode

Relaxed Fall Fashion : relaxed fall fashion

Relaxed Fall Fashion

relaxed fall fashion - Top model Lexi Boling dons a wardrobe of relaxed fall fashions in ‘Bedtime Stories’ an editorial for the pages of CR Fashion Book.


"I'm a vegan, and I love this place called Soul Vegetarian, in Atlanta. The thing about split-pea soup is that it's usually made with bacon or ham, but they don't use any of that, and it's excellent." -Andre 3000 from Outkast

Fashion Magazine / Lookbook - Magazines Print Templates

Fashion Magazine / Lookbook

Like the use of one color throughout the magazine, and contrast well with the black and white photos. Like the repetition of lines and shapes. And good alignment of colmuns