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#19 Ok Tiger, take me back to my mommy now. She suffered long enough for eating my banana this morning

a cat and a monkey. The monkey clearly like to climb on the cat's back and hold on tight. That has to be the most patient cat in the world!

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Looks like Donkey from Shrek. "And in the morning, I'm makin' waffles" :)


To non horse people, a smiling donkey.to horse people, a mini donkey whose ears are flat back, teeth bared and about to bite your head off- lol ツ

L i k e

I just love this picture. Makes me smile Animals do this silliest things ♌

And this fish smiling at you because everything will be okay! | 35 Adorable Things To Get You Through Your "Breaking Bad" Withdrawal

35 Adorable Things To Get You Through Your "Breaking Bad" Withdrawal

This one definately gets me smiling. Is this the happiest Goldfish you've ever seen?

I'm so HAPPY!! Oh so HAPPY!!!!

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are you sure this water is sanitary? it looks questionable to me!

Mom, is this water sanitary?

Mother and baby. Omg is that the baby's little wee trunk sticking out of the water? Hahaha poor little guy


I will name him Boohbooh! I am going to make it legal to have wombats for pets in the US!