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7 Ways to Lower Your Website's Bounce Rate

Don't let those hard-earned pageviews slip away. Here are seven ways to optimize your size so customers keep browsing and stop bouncing.

Great article on the importance of mobile responsive design. Being able to adapt to our mobile-first society is the only way your business will survive. #mobilefirst #mobileweb

A Beginner's Guide to Mobile Responsive Design

Being able to naturally and automatically adjust and adapt is a critical key to survival and success. Its true in sports, nature, business, and yes, web development .

Consider this quote from the Google Webmaster's Guide:

Consider this quote from the Google Webmaster's Guide:

10 choses à savoir sur le responsive design repin by #dazehub #daze #DazeTechCraze

[Infographie] 10 choses à savoir sur le responsive design

5 Awesome Infographics About Web Design Principles

Emailology: Screen Resolution and Responsive Design

Responsive design allows you to tailor your content to different screen sizes, but what size screens are out there?

10 Infographics for Learning About Responsive Web Design - Design Instruct

Get your responsive web design inspiration with these best and cool infographics design and make your day. These infographics are full of web design tips!

Mobile First, Responsive Design & the iPad « Seeing the Picture

This graphic demonstrates the various formats that web designers need to consider when making content for the web. Innovation in technology has provided many varying formats of technology that allow people to access the internet today.

The PPC Food Pyramid

The 2 Best Online Marketing Strategies for Businesses on a Tight Budget