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Cute Pugs

Their smooth and glossy coats can be fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn, or The markings are clearly defined and there is a trace of a black line extending from the occiput to the The tail normally curls tightly over the hip.

Merrylog...world's cutest pug

Community Post: 15 Flat Faced Dogs In Denim Jackets > I NEED to get or make Harvey a leather or denim jacket

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Picnic, Pug Rescue, Pug Life, June, Crafts, Pets, Animals, Animals And Pets, Animales



Picnic, Pug Rescue, June, Belle, Picnics

"Rawwwrrrrr I'm gonna have me some roll!"

“ - Does your pug have any silly habits? - We grab each others skin/fur and pull!