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A mother with a bouquet of assault rifles. Perhaps for her son to play with. Photo by Arthur Rickerby, Life magazine, 1963.

A mother with a bouquet of assault rifles. Perhaps for her son to play with. Photo by Arthur Rickerby, Life magazine,

That's cool, but you probably shouldn't be pointing the gun at your face like the girl in this pic.

Random Fact: Shooting a gun causes the same chemical reaction as a passionate kiss.

Bullet headphones

For Tim--Munitio Bullet Earbud Headphones. Probably would not make it through TSA security!

Benelli R1 Rifle, Walnut

Benelli's big game rifle features simplicity, strength, and ingenious design.

Why I will learn to shoot. I will protect myself and my loved ones.

Guns_"Mama didn't raise a victim."_Nope I am not a victim.

Metroplex East Dallas Chapter Meeting 4th Tuesday, June 26th at The Gun Zone in Mesquite, Texas...come join us...5:30pm

As a matter of fact, YES. I DO shoot like a girl. Israel killed USS Liberty soldiers June Lyndon Johnson favourite of Zionist Haganah Army For all people to defend themselves - Yet now they take away guns from USA military - TREASON - *

Way more funner than any other sport too

Gun Control and a Firearm Owner’s Responsibility

Bianchi Cup Shoot Off - Women's Outdoor News

Julie Golob wins third Bianchi Cup championship

I'd rather have a gun and not need it, than need one and not have it.

Free and Funny News Ecard: It's not my fault that the only gun you ever shot as a child was attached to a Nintendo. The Amendment is not dangerous.

How to cure common shooting mistakes Groups scattered? It may be that you lack front-sight focus. The front sight must be the sharpest object in the sight picture for consistent, accurate shooting

This house is protected

no trespassing signs, hand painted wood signs, house protected by black and white, outdoor signs, quotes housewarming gifts

On the Road Update - BIG NEWS

I am not on the road this week but I do want to wish my fellow Smith & Wesson, Benelli and Warren Tactical Sights teammates the best of luck at the USPSA Nat.

NO COMMON CORE IS REQUIRED!!!! .....It's a LEGAL right to protect yourself! And I must say... that is a seriously old police car so it might take them more than 15 minutes!

Second amendment argument essay rubric common Free second amendment papers, essays, and research papers.

The Truth Behind Liberal Gun Control Because Unarmed Citizens Cannot Fight Back Against The Elitist

Females With Firearms. A princess who waits for a prince to defend her will most likely end up a victim. A queen is always ready to defend herself and those under her shield by any means necessary.