another planet, Masahiro Sawada on ArtStation at

Masahiro Sawada is a concept artist who is in the films and games industry. Originally from Osaka, Japan, Masahiro Sawada studied in Vancouver, Canada where

Om man är på marknivå går det en massa saker över en, det skapar en cool, stämningsfull underbelly!

We're very happy to enchant your day with this new inspiration pick, Ubisoft Artist, Donglu Yu, including her latest artworks made for Assassin's Creed IV

幽谷密地, Jia Yonghui on ArtStation at

ssets:, Peter Konig : This is a sampling of the many hi-res rocks I sculpted as a remote contractor for Turtle Rock Studios from 2013 to Though some of them had specialty uses, like stairs or bridges, many of the assets needed to

by Gliulian

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How to draw a village - historical buildings - great Inspiration for a book / Story / manga - Drawing Reference