Taken at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Kent, United Kingdom

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Marlon The Puma Cub With The Bluest Eyes You've Ever Seen

Marlon is a puma cub that was recently born in Plättli Zoo of Frauenfeld in Switzerland. Since then it has been stealing the hearts of many who have seen him!

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Cougar/Mountain Lion - Dave welling 656329038 portrait of an adult captive mountain lion felis concolor native to the americas

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A Mountain Lion, Puma, Cougar on his way to try his luck in hunting.

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Meet the Caracals Do you love cats? If the answer is yes, you are going to fall in love with this cat species, Caracals, that are likely to be the cutest cat species ever! If the answer is no, these cats will change it and you& start liking cats!

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Des faux-airs de peluche pour enfants. Ce magnifique bébé lynx a choisi la cime des arbres pour une sieste improvisée, en pleine journée.

Première sieste dans les arbres pour le bébé lynx

* * LYNX CUB: " Dis notz safe ways to nap, but me gotz comatose from eatin' too much atz lunch. Paws don't fails me nowz.


Bobcat kitten, when i was in grade i use to study & draw bobcats & lynxs & tigers :)