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What We're Made of by DDWitty on DeviantArt

What We're Made of

Steven Universe fan-art of the best relationship What We're Made of

xxxubbles:  In the studio

xxxubbles: In the studio Two of my SU ships in one photo


Steven universe X Pokemon

Yellow Diamond

this is (Steven universe, su, yellow diamond, yellow diamond su)

O que dizer sobre isso XD ?

jen-iii: “ My fav cinnamon rolls in this entire universe”

Garnet and Steven ♡♡

OP: Cuteness overload in this episode I cried  also I love how the blue gems have their eyes covered xD | Steven Universe

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out

jeneco: “ laughing garnet is my favorite garnet ~ ”

kianamaiart:  My heart wasn’t ready to handle the cuteness that was these three babies

My heart wasn’t ready to handle the cuteness that was these three young gems

Gravity Falls Steven Universe Crossover | tumblr_naw4wkEmob1qhjcclo1_500.jpg

Steven Universe art for SDCC 2014 signing card. Inked by Danny Hynes, colored by Efrain Farias and Elle Michalka, and sketched by Rebecca Sugar.

My kokoro is broken with these scenes. o<-< I needed to draw them, and maybe I will draw other scenes soon idk Rose, Amethyst and Pearl.

Steven Universe Memes, Peridot, Jasper, Google, Lapis Lazuli

Diferentes powers

Steven Universe: Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst (Weapon switched)

Garnet and Steven.

More Classy Gems wearing dresses i want

Steven Universe - Garnet The Answer