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Traditional Mexican (Huichol).  Beaded skulls.  If I look half that fancy when I die, I will be satisfied.

Source: Our Exquisite Corpse Our Exquisite Corpse Huichol beaded skulls currently presented by LN-CC . Our Exquisite Corpse worked.

Metal skull. Skull is creepy but I like the detail in it maybe on something else.

Figurine Punk Rock Skull Ashtray In the enchanted world of Fairyland, our fairies are collectors favorites. Each charming figure is handcrafted with careful attention to detail, from the delicately carved wings to each figures floral adornment.

Beautiful beaded Mexican skull

designed by Catherine Martin of Our Exquisite Corpse. Each skull is created by the Huichol artisans of central Mexico who have been making traditional beaded art for centuries, and every skull is unique in design

Each of the heavily beaded pieces has been decorated by various artists from the Huichol, using traditional symbols and designs arranged within the patterns, making every skull a completely unique piece of art. The Huichols are decendants of the Aztecs and believe in the Sun God, ancestral spirits and four principal deities – Deer, Corn, Coyote and Eagle. The Sierra Madre Mountains are their home and the Huichol have a long history of creating beaded art, which is big part of their culture.

Our Exquisite Corpse - Huichol Beaded Skulls

Our Exquisite Corpse Huichol Beaded Skulls trend forecasts inspiration


‘Our Exquisite Corpse’ teamed up with the Huichol people of western Mexico to produce these intricately beaded skulls. Each of the heavily beaded pieces ha