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Teenager Posts

I just want to eat and sleep and cry and be skinny and look pretty and wear yoga pants and have a boyfriend. This is such a typical white girl post but it is actually very accurate lol -RSH


Teenager Post Girls have periods, cramps, babies and everything else. The least a guy could do is text us first.

I'm WAYYY too paranoid to actually 'relax' at my desk  ask anyone

Everyday wen I sit down,and notice my leg,s spread half way across the couch. It makes me feel like they don,t look so huge LOL ! Are there any other {curvy} ladies that have this struggle ?

Someone messed up on 'pretend to' and so true lol

Teenager Post ~ I think it's so fake how some pants have pockets that are sewn shut like be real with me don't to be something you're not.

My childhood summed up in a few lines!!

All time favorite child book! I got obsessed as a kid and read almost every single one and did three book reports on these!

Yup If u have meet me in real life than u would know I wear them all the time

I'm not a teenager but know the emptiness without my hair tie on my wrist

Awesome job

Teenager Posts Of The Week: Awkward Situations And Having Trust Issues<<<My dream job

Don't know they label this teenage...I think it's true of lots of ages...mine, included.

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Teenager Post I might just be the saddest happy person and the meanest nice person to ever exist.