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explore-everywhere: man-and-camera: Dusk ➾ Luke Gram like seriously, all photographers need to take some tips from Luke.

visualechoess: “Nepal night star  by: Alexander Forik”

A perfect night spent under a starry sky - visualechoess: “Nepal night star by: Alexander Forik”

4nimalparty:  (by geørg)

may sound corny ,okay it does haha but stary nights have got to be one of the most beautiful things going , they constantly change every night so each is fairly individual .im at peace when staring up at one

•Woolcott• :

The pale starlight dodges off the edgy peak of mighty Matterhorn Photo:ThomasW

Jacaranda Tree - Sydney Australia

Jacaranda Tree Tunnel, Sydney, Australia - Where was this? But certainly, jacarandas are a beauty in Australia.


Sea Stars (starfish) have always had a special place in my heart.

Parque Nacional Saxon, Alemania

The sun is rising at the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of the Saxon Switzerland. The Elbe Sandstone Mountains are located in the border region between Germany and the Czech Republic, referred to the Saxon Switzerland in the German, and Bohemian Switzerlan