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One of Brian Kesinger's tea girls!! made with TEA!! "Tea time with otto" by *BrianKesinger on deviantART

One of Brian Kesinger's tea girls! "Tea time with otto" by *BrianKesinger on deviantART

Otto and Victoria - Brian Kesinger (http://briankesinger.deviantart.com/)

Creating octopus illustrations of Otto and Victoria, in their steam punk Victorian style world, is what Brian Kesinger does to show off his talent.

afa774554a3ad896323648ceab0c45ee.jpg (736×371)

afa774554a3ad896323648ceab0c45ee.jpg (736×371)

By day, Brian Kesinger is a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios and by night he's an author and illustrator of Walking Your Octopus.

otto and victoria

NoBody(Martin) and Lucy are visiting Otto and Victoria! Read the thing on Brian Kesinger and was INSPIRED! Visiting Otto and Victoria

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