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Victor/Viktor Nikiforov x Yuri/Yuuri Katsuki / Victuri / Victuuri / Vikturi / Viktuuri / Yuri on Ice / #yoi

Victor/Yuri / Yuri on Ice / # jejejeje marcando lo suyo, no

Yuri On Ice, 4 Life

Old先/ Oldxian

Old先/ Oldxian

Pocky!!! on Ice by a3107 on DeviantArt

Victor being curious about Pocky day. Yuuri's a bit messy. Pocky Midi Vicor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri! on Ice Prints: . on Ice

Ship, Pewdiepie, Youtubers, Yuri, Ships, Youtube, Boat

Yuri on Ice (Victuuri) by edenofe

Set of pieces for composition/color/lighting practice from the anime series Yuri on Ice to help me get back into drawing after a long hiatus. Yuri on Ice (Victuuri)

Valentine's Day Yuri On Ice by EryenArt.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Valentine's Day Yuri On Ice by EryenArt on DeviantArt -- Viktuuri and Otayuri

「Be My Husband Victor!」/「スダンダン」[pixiv] oh my gosh can I just rant about how cute they are I mean dang, dang, diggity dang, their faces and usgh too cute