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Rems 182 Portraits on Behance

Expressive Graffiti Facial Art by - Emanuele Ronco is an Italian artist that has taken a liking of the human face in his work.

Truly design

PORTAITS ON PAPER 2012 - analysis into the psychology of friends and common people continues.

Artist : Rems 182 "Emanuele"Ronco"

"Dhemo", 150 x 200 cm


In a series of illustrations called Dreams of Glory, visual artist Emanuele Ronco makes it apparent that there is no hiding for those in the political spot

Awesome portraits by Emanuele Ronco

Awesome portraits by Emanuele Ronco

Abstract Tension | Rems 182

Abstract Tension | Rems 182

Dreams of Glory by Rems182

Emanuele Ronco is a graphic artist who also goes by the name Rems His work, which mimics numeric photography, shows the face of the subject through the hand

Graffiti Artist portraits - Rems 182

Graffiti Artist portraits – Rems 182

Portraits of graffiti artist by a member of Truly Design quatuor (Torino), Rems 182 aka Emanuele Ronco source: ozartsetc