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Pictures taken for personal pleasure. Original Photography By Kazuo Haraya / Aichi Japan

These 11 Modern Homes in Southern California Offer an Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle

Sometimes Now

Bringing People Together Through Interactive Artworks: An Interview With Jeppe Hein – Urban Times

Scan The Sky | Kim Laughton

Artist Kim Laughton

Over the past couple years, Kim Laughton has taken club flyers to another level entirely, designing for Sub-Culture Shanghai and

Sometimes Now

Housing a wide collection of the artist’s work from 1978 to the present day, the museum utilizes the natural elements of the site as a backdrop to the pieces displayed. The floor gently follo…

(1) KEEP CALM AND TAKE A BATH - Everything you can imagine is real by guida

outofreception: Watching a thunder storm roll by (A well traveled woman)

Oracle, Fox, Sunday, Sanctuary, The, Row, LA, Store, Bags, Seats, The, Olsen, Twins

From Kyoto to L., 14 Totally Stunning Retail Destinations: Where inspired interior design and covetable wares meet.

Simple Present #563 (Hong Kong), 2011 by Bert Danckaert

The Art of Pastels

Unmediated Democracy Demands Unmediated Space by Croatia Pavilion (Venice Biennale 2012)

Gallery of Venice Biennale 2012: Unmediated Democracy Demands Unmediated Space / Croatia Pavilion - 1

Venice Biennale Unmediated Democracy Demands Unmediated Space / Croatia Pavilion / © Nico Saieh Space is a basic resource. Architecture has the capacity to essentially affect the overall management of space. As a result, it is incumbent.