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This is every single person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The only thing that differs is how clever/careless and covert/overt they are

Currently in continuing, accelerating ruination from Rethuglikan control of the Presidency, Administration and Congress!!

TheTrump presidency has condemned the whole world to become the survivors of narcissism.

(Pp) Trumpettes all go skiiing in Aspen plus 100 body guards at public expense. What budget problems? Meals on wheels, health care? Who cares? Not the Trumpettes. - Oh, and this isn't some "Fake News", look it up for yourself. - News about Trump aspen on Twitter

Who cares Obama did the same thing! At least trump is spending his own money on it!

PP: Daily trump lowers the bar >>> He tossed the bar into the gutter then shoved it into the sewer.  He will keep working to lower it further.

*** PREVIOUS PINNER WROTE *** I am Canadian and he is a big embarrassment to me and also a worry.t I can only say *** I wish I were Canadian, or British, or Aussie, better yet Canine, Feline or Bovine ***

A crime of egregious neglect, the ultimate shame in a civilized world.

There are 492 billionaires living in this country and 16 million kids living in poverty ~ Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump is unqualified to be president and is an EMBARRASSMENT to our…

Donald Trump is unqualified to be president and is an EMBARRASSMENT to our great…

Donald Trump | "I KNOW WORDS, I HAVE THE BEST WORDS" BIGLY | image tagged in donald trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Trump on the Zika virus. "I will put a net up over the country and I will get the mosquitoes to pay for it!" He's THIS ridiculous and disgusting.

We gotta fight this. #trump #policies #immigration

PP: Although those that want to register non-christians most likely don't know this history >>> or they don't care, or think it's some wildly (improbably) elaborate hoax.

We cannot normalize Donald Trump's behavior just because he won the presidency.

We cannot normalize Donald Trump's behavior just because he snagged the presidency.

We're paying for this Uber rich families living expenses at astronomical security risk and rate...But Republicans complain about feeding hungry children??  How do they sleep at night?  Proof that ignorance is bliss!

Donald Trump claims he is smart for not paying taxes for 20 years, but wants taxpayers to foot the bill for Melania & baron to stay in New York?