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Eerie Images Show An Abandoned Space Shuttle Hangar In Russia

Apple commissioned amateur and pro photographers to create 25 images that show how the camera captures low light images.

cauxcollective: “ Caux Collective Introduces: Joshua Sinn As part of his fantastic ‘Night Color’ series, 22 year old American Photographer Joshua Sinn brings us these gorgeous long-exposure.

九龍城砦(クーロン城)の写真・画像をまとめてみたけどカオスすぎワロタ - NAVER まとめ

Sailors, divers, and anglers around the world are participating in the largest marine citizen science study known to man.

Stunning images of abandoned Soviet space shuttles

Last summer, urban explorer Ralph Mirebs ventured inside a vast, derelict hangar at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, where the gutted shells of two abandoned Buran space shuttles had been left to rot decades ago.

Army Halts Construction Of Dakota Access Pipeline

Army Halts Construction Of Dakota Access Pipeline | The Huffington Post