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Prada Men's collection

Men's Fashion Slim Wedding Suit - Richmond Silk Black - Close Up - For the days I need to dress up.

Cold weather is almost here - know how to layer without over doing it.

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How to layer. Think we could get our guys to layer anything besides camo?

A Gentleman Of Class

Beards - Ive seen a lot of classy men not shaving and Ive been doing it myself also for a while. Its a trend to keep an eye for. Advice for men with the option of growing a beard: try it for a month and see what Fashion Fashion

dude wears a ring on his fourth finger on his right hand, just like me

Navy suit, light blue gingham shirt, purple tie (xo tie) this is how I want my man to dress

patterned jacket

Light grey plaid jacket, white shirt, orange bow tie - normally I don't like bow ties but I love thins outfit. Might wear a plain orange necktie with it.