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Valkyrie rider by Jolien-Rosanne - Artisan Crafts / Costumery / Costumes / Character & Theme

von Rothbart Costume by on @DeviantArt

Von Rothbard armor and cape for the host of Gala Nocturna 2015 - The Swan Princess. I really wanted to give an 'evil twisted owl sorcerer' vibe to .

We recently showcased this amazing Phoenix Dress by Fairytas and now she’s back with this gorgeous Valkyrie Rider Costume. The skirt is 10 meters of golden silk, while the chest piece is attached to a semi leather corset for comfort and has special absorbent fabric under the chest plate and scale sleeves since it’s being worn for a horse show and needs freedom of movement.  Read more at

Complete Valkyrie Rider Costume for client! I used 10 meters of golden silk for the skirt. The chest piece is attached to a semi leather corset for comfort. I used an absorbent sporting fabric underneath the chest plate and scale sleeves because this.

Laetitia Casta in Christian Dior Couture at the Cannes Film Festival. Cloak, cape with gold feathers. (have a character that favors bird & feather motifs; this might work for her, but with feathers going all the way up?

Here comes the sexy Dovahkiin! | KamuiCosplay

cosplay Skyrim Dovahkiin armor Worbla deadric (Do this with the lirripipes or the backs of liripipes.


Indonesian fashion designer, Tex Saverio, made his name for THAT dress worn by Lady Gaga

Read my first post, On lacking 'proper artistic credentials' & 3D printing the Dreamer Regalia armor for actress Felicia Day, to learn more about how this project got started.  Check out Geek &

228 hours later, the printed Dreamer Regalia Armor for actress Felicia Day is finished!