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Milena Huhta identifies with the angst of her characters: “I guess I& a little angst-y person. A little darkness and honesty keeps things interesting.

Hospital (single comic page) on Behance

Trying to figure out how I like doing comics! I feel like I get a better idea of the live area I have if I draw it traditional first… And as always, I love to color. Concept is from a boring Lupin comic I’ll never finish because I have bigger,.

APPROACHING THE AIR FORTRESS. K: well aren't you just that thing that brings all the critters to the yard. And they're like

Oldies again, it helps me to go to the next step with the new year… here’s a try for a comic book project with Aurelien Ducoudray, (sorry Aurelien to be such a newsless boy v_v) anyway, I won’t only try to be better nxt year, I can say for those who.

The Fantastic Art by South Korean Cartoonist Kim Jung Gi - created via

The Fantastic Art By South Korean Cartoonist Kim Jung Gi Created Via Httppinthemallnet

Illustrated Ladies

These are stills from an animation test for the Hilda series! They’re not from an actual episode and the designs are going to change a bit, but this is pretty close to how it’s going to feel.