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Kensei! by MorkieMonster on deviantART

Kensei is my favourite Vizard, so I was really glad to see him in manga again. And he's a captain!

Muguruma Kensei by Barbaspwns on deviantART

Muguruma Kensei with his zanpakuto, Tachikaze.

Hisagi and Kensei

Hisagi and Kensei

New Zanpaktou Ichigo Dual Sword

" A lot of inspiration from the latest chapter to do this. The chapter was pretty mind blowing. Even though I'm not too fond to the whole idea of Ichigo having two .



Still Cute by zest1513.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Or maybe I should say he's cute ESPECIALLY when he's punching holes in people? Bleach and all characters belong.