Drawing Trees

My students love field trips. In fact I think most students love a chance to escape the classroom setting, and today I surprised them by dragging them outside to draw trees. They didn’t reall…

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Oscar Droege 1898 - 1982 Oscar Droege was an exceptional woodblock artist and one of the best of the German woodblock practitioners. He was born and died in Hamburg, and is a quintessential German proponent of the woodblock, or the “farbholzschnitt”.



Dibujo tinta | ink drawing, Joaquim Francés

This drawing exemplifies the use of horizontal line hatching as main drawing technique to create form, tone and texture (Pinned from Joana Frances, by Joaquim Francés)

ballpoint sketch landscape - Google Search

Through different shading and hatching, using pen, throughout this sketch, as well as negative space - shape and depth is conveyed.

Jared Muralt @jaredmuralt Große Schanze in ...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Instagram Post by Jared Muralt (@jaredmuralt)