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It's official, English Bulldogs can sleep at absolutely any time and anywhere. We challenge you to find a location and time that a Bulldog wouldn't find a way to nap!

cheeky bum

Baby, bulldog, bare bums and bath time. Photo by Ominous Clouds' Bruce


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Super hero!

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Long day chasing squirrels at the dog park!

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Funny pictures about That Empty And Sad Face When You Enter The Vet's Office. Oh, and cool pics about That Empty And Sad Face When You Enter The Vet's Office. Also, That Empty And Sad Face When You Enter The Vet's Office photos.

Looks like my Qannik did, when she was a pup ❤️

This actually looks like my old husky. Her name was Ava. She was given to some dude, not sold, when she grew up and idk if she is ok.


This is my favorite pattern on a pitbull. I grew up w/ Rottweilers, their patterns are pretty similar in the way look around their chest & snout.

I just saw that someone posted our little Samson on Pinterest. His fans continue to grow every day!

New Funny Bulldog Videos Compilation 2014 Check out these funny bulldogs in this funny bulldog videos compilation. English bulldog, french bulldog, all bulldog puppies and dogs are cute and funny.

Awwh ...

Best dog sign ever. I LOVE English Bulldogs, so I'd be this guys best friend until his human came back, then I wouldn't want them to leave.

How could anyone beat and abuse such a cute dog like this!!

River, the blue nose pit bull pup. He looks like my baby blue pit Nori's twin! Oh my gosh they hurt my heart :)