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Society - N° 56 - Mardi 9 Mai 2017

Society - N° 56 - Mardi 9 Mai 2017

So true. It's hard to find a place in society when as soon as you find a place you're comfortable in society pulls it out from under you. So don't try to shape yourself into society's idea or normal or pretty. Be yourself, whoever you are, you're beautiful!

Society sucks

This is why I hate society. They say things to you that can hurt but if or when you change it society finds a way to make it back fire. So screw society we have one life to live and in my opinion I'd rather live it my way.

Society: Be yourself   Society: No, not like that

"Society is a joint-stock company in which the members agree for the better securing of his bread to each share-holder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater." -from Self-Reliance

Pessimistic, but accurate. This is why we have to strive for the opposite. Girls, show your true beauty, and boys, always tell the truth. In fact, that goes for everyone.

So Accurate About Today’s Society

So accurate about our today's society.Girls fall in love with what they hear. Boys fall in love with what they see. That's why girls wear make-up and boys lie.

Shows the factors that contribute to inequality in  modern society. Race, Religion, Politics, and Wealth all changed the statuses of humans in society and separated them based on beliefs, money, and skin colour.

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Feminism were all human until race, GENDER, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us.

James 4:17  "So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin."

Do You Hate Society? - Or The People Who Made Society How It Is?

Food for thought. Food for thought. Food for thought.