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disturbung art pieces - deterioration of mind over matter Otto Rapp 1973

James R. Eads.

Reminiscent of the swirling strokes of Van Gogh’s work, artist and illustrator James R. Eads paints colourful creations of outdoor scenes and people. The black backgrounds help to render the colours even.

Lightninghead by Frank Robert Dixon

This is a fantasy painting of a treetch (tree creature) who is frustrated because he got his roots stuck in the ground, and he can't pull them out and go on an adventure! Painting by Frank Robert Dixon.

Tomie manga By Junji Ito - more claustrophobia- inducing art - the horrifying idea of being below ground - at one with the worms.

shintaro kago guro body horror

art manga kago shintaro shintaro kago guro manga art japanese horror horror art melusine-x

don kenn gallery: March 2012

don kenn gallery "when i have time i draw monsterdrawings on post-it notes. it is a little window into a different world, made on office supplies"

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Daniel Martin Diaz http://danielmartindiaz.com/

The Art of Daniel Martin Diaz / Self aware System / Sacred Geometry / The fractal nature of humanity

7lSEDuJ.jpg (1272×1650)

7lSEDuJ.jpg (1272×1650)