Nick Thornborrow Art

The concept art team on Dragon Age Inquisition was such an amazing team to be a part of. We had an embarrassing glut of talented concept artists dedicated to fleshing out what the world of Thedas looks like, lead by art director Matthew Goldman.

Blackwall by on @DeviantArt

theminttu: A quick card painting done under the influence of an appropriate amount of vodka just now. It keeps me from thinking too hard about all the ways this game keeps breaking my heart

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Solas - Dragon Age: Inquisition - 'The Hermit' - Major Arcana tarot card

The hermit (Solas) _____________ Tarot Cards from "Dragon Age : Inquisition" showing the main characters. Created by the game concept team : Matt Rhodes, Nick Thornborrow, Casper Konefal and Ramil Sunga.

So, like everyone and their uncle who played the spectacular Dragon Age Inquisition, I really wanted a personalized tarot card for my Inquisitor. I also kicked myself in the shinbones for not getting the collector’s edition of the game, but what can you do, ey?[[MORE]]Long story short, my pc had, as I have mentioned many a time, crashed just around that time (or rather, I tried re-installing it when Origins refused to download Dragon Age, only to discover the computers back up was wonky…

So, like everyone and their uncle who played the...

Book 4. [Solas conclusion]

Dragon Age: Inquisition - the Tower tarot card (official artwork). A really interesting artwork on a Tarot card.