credit goes to original photographers and models. If you have any information about uncredited photos please let me know.


Candy Warhol

Today we are presenting Candy Girls for our viewers. All of you will thinking what is candy girls?

A fantastic make up of fantastic girl !

make-up and airbrush painting by Natali Voys. love Wondering if 1 makeup artists could pull this of with 2 of my models

Cambia tu look con Alex Up @ Alex UP Peluqueros - 25-Abr

"Lollipop Girl" by Johnny Dao- I think she ate too much candy lol!

Couture                                                       …

Nice fake eyelashes with feathers WOW. Just thinking how cool this would look as a different way to do the feathered face masks for halloween. You just need fake eyelashes & glue to go with it.