by Chien Chung Wei

Chien Chung Wei - If your composition is perfect and effective, then you can cut it to become another paintings easily.

【阿瑪菲之夜 / The Night of Amalfi x 36 cm .watercolor Demo by 簡忠威 (Chien Chung-Wei)

Chien Chung Wei, July 2016

The Shanghai xintiandi sketching / Plein Air Shanghai. ] 27 x 37 cm , Watercolor demo by Chien Chung Wei. "Quick to paint, you can avoid falling into too many boring trap of details, and will let you watch the more comprehensive, get more surprises.

Chien Chung Wei:

【The Sunshine of Aosta / 奧斯塔的陽光 x 27 cm watercolor by Chien Chung Wei 簡忠威 "The years are the most cruel and fair evaluation.