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Morning Rain by bPAVLICA.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

i woke up from a nap and for some bloody reason, this song was stuck in my head, so i had to get it outhave an asgore.


I read this a million times and I swear my friend made this just for me to see it. She knows I hate puns <<<< You hate puns? Back to comic.if they meet, Chara may be a good person, I think.

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Undertale, Anime, Papyrus, Frisk, Chara<<<< this is so epic!

This is so..... FEELS.

Ah, my heart hurts with too many feels. *curls into fetal position and clutches heart* ;

happy family doodles [mild undertale spoilers] by Okonominazi

Happy Family Doodles [mild undertale spoilers] by Okonominazi on DeviantArt.

I THOUGHT I'D BE ABLE TO USE A THUMBNAIL TO HIDE SPOILER-RELATED STUFF BUT I GUESS DEVIANTART DOESN'T ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT, BOO anyway the murder run makes you do so many horrible, horrible things ...

[UNDERTALE SPOILERS] the last straw by zarla on DeviantArt (What if Frisk had been able to respond to Sans in the post-Pacifist Genocide route)