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I Guess All Boston Terriers Have The Same " I Hate Life, and Life Hates Me Back" Face. I Know Because of My Boston

Grumpy Boston Terrier- "Of course it's Monday. Does this look like my Friday face?" Oh Koda, just get up so I can take you out.

Boston Terrier Dogs

This Boston Terrier is Covered with sand. having fun at the beach! This is Indy the Boston Terrier at 5 Years Old.

Good boy Looks almost like Webster, he's missing the freckles on the chest area.

PERFECT markings on this Boston Terrier! So elegant and sophisticated! No wonder they are called the "Gentleman's Dog," but I love my little "pirate" Boston too!

"You insist I wear this stupid sweater? OK, I'm wearing the sweater." --Cheryl A. Schwartz

Gimme all the treats and no one gets hurt - could that have been Buddy in the mask?

I'll be watching!

My sweet pup stares at me when I'm eating, or doing any and everything. With his big Boston eyes he doesn't miss a thing! ::: this is true of every Boston i have known.

Jessie oaf

Definitely the truth, and that Boston's face looks like he feels guilty for hospitalizing those children!

Boston terrier

One day I will have a Boston Terrier and he/she will fight dinosaurs!

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Does not this sweet Boston have the biggest, brightest and bestest smile. But at the same time it reminds me of Jack Nicholson's smile as the Joker!


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Bostons in the bath!

Here are some adorable and miserable pictures of Boston Terrier dogs at bath time! Some dogs enjoys their baths while others don't like it!