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Core skills of digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship. - Techy Trends | Entretiens Professionnels | Scoop.it

Core skills of digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship. - Techy Trends

A Free Poster on The Learning and Thinking Skills of The Century Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Top 5 Presentation #infografia #infographic #design

15 Infographics With Tips And Tricks On How To Give An Oral Presentation

Top 5 Presentation Do's & Don'ts - things to keep in mind for the coming school year because you WILL be doing presentations in your classes.

Digital citizenship - internet safety

internet safety - Classroom Posters and Resources for Teaching Students about Digital Citizenship ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

5 Learning Principles L&D Professionals Need To Know Infographic - http://elearninginfographics.com/5-learning-principles-ld-professionals-need-know-infographic/

The 5 Learning Principles L&D Professionals Need To Know Infographic presents five learning principles that remind us how to create great learning content.

Remember to check out the BrainPOP Spotlight on Digital Citizenship. More than ever, classrooms are going digital, and it’s our job as teachers to. . .

"From Copyright and Plagiarism to Cyberbullying and Internet Search, the Digital Citizen Spotlight provides a collection of useful content to help students understand their role as digital citizens.

8 Awesome Educational Infographics for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

27 ways to engage students and increase class participation. Students must be engaged in their work, else they will a) not learn and b) misbehave.

This is a graphic demonstrating the value of active learning over passive learning. Thus teachers should strive to create a learning environment in which the student can learn to restructure new information and their prior knowledge into new knowledge about the content and to practice using it.  Not just have the student act as a complacent sponge and the teacher as the faucet just telling them what important and interesting.

The Active Learning and Student Performance Infographic presents how students in an active learning environment demonstrate better improvement in conceptual understanding.

Copyright information for students.  This is a bold and colorful reminder that would look great in a computer lab or IT classroom.

Poster - Digital Citizenship - copyright - idea to work with, teaching to think what it would be if you weren't using the internet

Manners Matter  This chart of do's and don'ts provides very detailed examples of what to do and what not to do on the internet. It provides very recent social media examples and such that the students would relate to

Manners Matter Netiquette [Infographic]

Digital citizenship - Manners matter: The students need to learn what they can do and what they must not do. It gives students the Do's and the Don'ts of using the internet and social media.

E-learning Design – 5 Tips To Deal With Text-Heavy Learning Content [Infographic]

This info-graphic shares 5 proven e-learning design tips to handle text-heavy content in corporate training modules.

A Great Digital Citizenship Poster for Your class ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning | E-Learning-Inclusivo (Mashup) | Scoop.it

How to do Keyword Research By @nancyrubin

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: digital citizenship « Learning With Technology

Awesome Digital Citizenship Graphic for your Classroom ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. An example of technology using still imagery.