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Here’s my top secret hangover cure. Here’s how it looks when I use my brush tool.

God, Dios, Allah, Praise God, The Lord

introducingmrbentley: fuck everything and become a pirate

OMG, my biggest pet peeve. If this doesn't explain, I don't know what will.....

Youre = You fucking are.Your = Shows fucking possession. Were = We fucking are.Were = Past fucking tense of are. Where = Specifies a fucking location. Than = A fucking comparison.Then = A point in fucking time.

A small gift for me

Oh darling, when you said you had a small gift for me, I thought you were going to unzip your pants again.

Do you have awesome/random photos for the BERRY Break?

Normal, everyday grocery store receipt.

Anatomy of a grocery store receipt. hahahahaha so true

22 Hilarious and Funny Sign Pictures  #funnysigns #funnypics #signs #lol #hilarioussigns

22 Hilarious and Funny Sign Pictures -

Yet another confusing sign, typically it would say the right lane must turn right. Instead this sign says right left. That does not make sense, what is a right left?

Oh ya! This is the type of parent I want to be! Not the one that gives them an iPad and sends them off to leave me alone.

Parenting WIN

Help kids NOT lose their sense of imagination. Dinosaurs come to life while the kids sleep. Great option for creativity throughout the year (not just Elf on the Shelf)