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Le yarn bombing : un nouvel art urbain qui tricote la ville - Marie Claire Idées                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Le yarn bombing : un nouvel art urbain qui tricote la ville

Funny pictures about A tree with a rainbow sweater. Oh, and cool pics about A tree with a rainbow sweater. Also, A tree with a rainbow sweater photos.

How neat would it be to drive (or walk) by and this this along your path?

Yarn Bombing

I seriously want to yarn bomb some trees! And we have so many trees . Anyone want to play?

wonder how long it took to cover all these branches

Yarnbombing is creating graffiti with yarn.imagine the time it takes to knit this stuff on trees and objects!

Yarnbombing  à Strasbourg : mettre de la couleur et de la poésie dans l'environnement urbain, on aime !

Like painted cyclops poles, colorful yarn can liven up a city like Strasbourg, France.

Tetris stairs - By Dihzahyners in Lebanon

shakeshack: “ Dihzahyners’ Tetris stairs in Beirut, Lebanon put a skip in our step. Visit ‘em when you take your next trip to the Beirut Shack.

Coucou Chaque mardi j'avais l'habitude de vous proposer des modèles de crochet avec leurs patrons ou leurs tutoriaux , mais aujourd'hui j'ai envie de partager le crochet sans patrons , ni diagrammes , juste pour le plaisir des yeux et voir que le crochet...

''yarn bombing'' is one of those spur of the moment ideas that really isn't a bad thing. decorating something with yarn in a classy way is fun and pretty. this bench looks amazing to me.

Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing Yarnbombing (also known as Knit Graffiti or Knitta) has become a popular way for crafters to practice a new kind of street art. Instead of paint, pre-knit swatches are knitted into objects and sometime veh


yarn bombs are created with only recycled and collected yarn.great way to add color and cool charm to otherwise bland streets.