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Dansez comme dans Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" RIP Patrick Swayze

I could watch this everyday and never get bored :)

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" The heated kiss between Johnny and Baby from 'Dirty Dancing'!

Dirty Dancing.

Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze - Dirty Dancing "this is my dance space" you know the rest !

Dirty Dancing - I've loved this movie since I was 4. My parents had an edited VHS copy that I would watch while dancing on the coffee table and swishing my pink dress that my grandmother made for me.

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scene from Dirty Dancing - Patrick Swayze Jennifer Grey

The best love movie of all....I love this it makes me so happy

"This is my dance space, spaghetti arms.

Zum Dahinschmelzen: Die schönsten Liebesfilm-Zitate aller Zeiten

Zum Dahinschmelzen: Die schönsten Liebesfilm-Zitate aller Zeiten

64 Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples Baby and Johnny From Dirty Dancing For her: A white button-down knotted like a crop top and knee-high denim cutoffs. For him: A black tank top and pants.

Dirty dancing

my favorite scene in the whole movie Dirty Dancing

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"Dirty Dancing" premiered on this day, 27 years ago. The movie was not supposed to be successful. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey apparently hated ea From Funnycrazyfacts

One've my favorite parts!!

ACHTUNG!! Diese 5 Filme gefährden deine Beziehung!

Dirty Dancing, One of my favorite movies! RIP Patrick Swazee - Why did you have that nose job girl?

Dirty Dancing

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Picture of Dirty Dancing

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Judy Garland (Dorothy) with Toto in The Wizard of Oz before the tornado hits back in Kansas. Black and white footage begins the film which then transforms into color when we get to Oz.

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner." One of the best quotes ever!

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Nobody puts baby in the corner.every single women knows this line from this spectacular movie.oh my goodness!

Baby's pink dress (Dirty Dancing)

Original: The couple recreated the iconic dance between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the 1987 hit Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing (1987) - Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Cynthia Rhodes

Dirty Dancing

Cynthia Rhodes, Jennifer Grey, and Patrick Swayze - Dirty Dancing 1987

I hope you fall for me like this again

One of my favorite parts in dirty dancing hahah so cute

Dirty Dancing  WATCHED IT 100 TIMES

Dirty Dancing watched it a million times