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Top 50 des visages dans des objets du quotidien, le complot invisible


Throwing away old clothes? Have extra zippers around? DIY Zipper Heart Necklace with a picture tutorial.

it looks just like the preying mantis on It's a Bug's Life

This bike seat has bad intentions. He's harbouring a terrible plot to hurt the rear of the next person that sits on him. He really hates cyclists. Can't say I blame him, sitting their arse on his face every time they meet up.

Epic Galerie 50 visages cachés dans des objets de notre quotidien (2)

Epic Galerie: 50 visages cachés dans des objets de notre quotidien

30 Inspiring Animated Hand Lettering GIFs - UltraLinx

30 Inspiring Animated Hand Lettering GIFS

inabrush: Lettering by Matt Vergotis Zebra Disposable Brush Pen - Super Fine Watching a calligrapher work gets me everytime. I always think I can't do calligraphy bc I'm a lefty!

Зрительные иллюзии - парейдолия.

Do You Have Pareidolia? Post Faces In Everyday Objects

Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve is a private for profit natural reserve and ecotourism project in southern Chile. The reserve was created in 1999 and includes 600 km2 (232 sq mi) of native forest in Chile dedicated to wildlife conservation and tourism. The reserve is owned by the businessman Víctor Petermann who bought it in the 1990s, and was prior to the land sellings of the late Pinochet Regime part of Complejo Forestal y Maderero Panguipulli.

I LOVE Chile. When I go back I will have to stop here: Hotel La Montaña Mágica, Huilo-Huilo, Chile