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1953 AP Dexo Vegetable Shortening Ad with Springtime Fancy Cake Recipe

Valentine Cake Ad - Swiftning's Shortening, 1950's baking

Oldsmobile Ad Or Valentine Cake Ad - Swiftning's Shortening, Olds, baking print, kitchen art, pink heart bakery decor wall art

Lacy pink glamour on a thrifty Valentine cake. Snowdrift beauty on a Washington's Birthday pie. Tempting white fluffiness on a homemade sundae to serve on Lincoln's Birthday - or any "special" day.

Be My Valentine Cake & Washington's Birthday Pie (1950

Easter Glory cake recipe. Makes me think of my Granny!!! She made every yr even though she and mom were only ones that ate.

Two festive Easter layer cakes (1950

Cherry Supreme Chiffon Cake Recipe from "The Ladies' Home Journal" | February 1950

Cherry Supreme Chiffon Cake by Betty Crocker & Wesson Oil, February 1950