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Someone gave a raccoon some grapes.

Raccoon politely eats grapes sitting at a dinner table.I love raccoons, sorry, but true.

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30 Raccoons That Prove How Gosh-Darn Cute These Backyard Dwellers Are

whiskey-robot: “ abloodymess: “ doyourwardance: “ batfeathers: “ I really like raccoons… I would totally feed these little bandits, against my better judgement, if this were my porch.

Tiere die beten

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Racoon party!

'They eat everything,' said Stephanie Rutkowske, a local animal lover. Or a big bag of cat food. They’ll eat that just as good too.' Welcome to my nightmare.

Just some raccoons waiting for the bus.

Next stop Racoon Town

PYF Raccoon: Too pure for this tainted world.

The greatest leap of dog - He knows where to fall? :))

Heidi, a yellow Labrador retriever owned by an Oakridge, Ore., teen, is an award-winning jumper. what an awesome photo and an awesome dog. what an athlete!