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La silla más vendida del mundo

"Probably the single most commercially successful chair ever produced million sold between 1859 and No. 14 embodies the radical developments of Michael Thonet's pioneering steam bending process, which paved the way for mass-produced furniture.

Germany - Austria - 19th Century.........MICHAEL THONET AND THE No 14 CHAIR                            ATOS!

Michael Thonet was born in Germany. he was a designer specialising in ‘bentwood’ and inventor of chairs that is bent into continuous structural shapes. he influenced both contemporary and modern styles. furnitures are still being manufactured.

Bricoles et Girandoles: Thonet : Ikéa avant l'heure!

not just chair, this design is applied to many different furnitures such as stool,rack and sofa.



rocking chair thonet bilaketarekin bat datozen irudiak

rocking chair thonet bilaketarekin bat datozen irudiak

Chair Family by Michael Thonet

BENT CHAIR ID: Thonet patented a process of bending under heat several layers of wood veneer glued together and laminated.and used the new material to create curved back-rails and legs on chairs, contoured headboards for beds and scrolled arms for sofas.

Interiors: The Thonet factory in Frankenberg, Germany, has been used since the company started

Interiors: Hooked on classics

It is 150 years since the family-run firm Thonet first manufactured its iconic bentwood chair.

Thonet chair posters by Emiliano Godoy


'depleted thonet' are a series of three posters which are modified versions of pages taken from 'the 1904 thonet illustrated catalogue' which emiliano godoy has scanned and modified.