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Shooting nerf guns at baby bottles - awesome game! Plus the whole baby shower was Super hero themed! OMG this is awesome!

This seems soooo Heather- Shooting nerf guns at baby bottles - awesome game! Plus the whole baby shower was Super hero themed! OMG this is awesome!

10 juegos de “baby shower” favoritos.   #BlogdeBabyCenter

10 juegos de 'baby shower' favoritos. ¡Fotos!

Trabajo cooperativo: Juego: "Pasar el hula hula". Es un juego que puede desarrollarse con distintas edades tanto dentro como fuera de clase. Está actividad refuerza el trabajo grupal, la competencia sana y la confianza entre los compañeros; el juego permite apreciar una expresión corporal y una forma única de reaccionar de cada estudiante ante la solución del juego. Esto permite conocer cualidades y comportamientos para afrontar problemas.

Students race to pass a hula hoop around each other while holding hands as they play cooperative games while participating in the Building Leaders And Strong Tomorrows

"Tinkle in the pot"-use a quarter or ping pong ball while putting a ballon under your shirt as if you were pregnant

Hilarious Baby Shower Game: Tinkle in the Pot

GROUP GAME: TINKLE IN THE POT Hilarious Baby Shower Game. Each player puts a balloon under their shirt while holding a ping pong ball between their knees. Player must waddle down the line and drop the ball into a jar.

Gracioso juego para tu celebración de Baby shower. #babyshower #juegos

💙💛 El Baby Shower Perfecto 💚💖 Decoración, Comida, Detalles, Juegos y +

Although these photos are older – like a lot older, I thought with it being throw-back-Thursday, I’d throw it back to the first ever baby shower I had the pleasure of hosting! This show…

I laughed really hard! Bobbing for Nipple Coed Baby Shower game - best coed baby shower games. A Star-Studded Baby Shower - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

Blow balloon get shoes tie them first one wins - This one's better, the guys have to walk to their shoes. :P

Use karaoke machine. Co Ed baby shower game. Have the men take off their shoes and place them across from them. Then have them blow up a balloon, put it under their shirts and try to tie their shoes with out popping balloon.

Baby's First Portrait Baby Shower Game

12 Genuinely Fun Baby Shower Games

Coed baby Shower- Relay race for the guys. Maybe they could blow up a balloon and put it under their shirt, eat apple sauce, chug from a bottle, and change a diaper or get a stroller to the finish-line the fastest.

Baby shower games for COUPLES baby shower! This is hilarious, great ideas for guys to be included and actually have a great time! Just read this, HILARIOUS!