Montessori stereognostic bag - a mystery bag from An Everyday Story

Montessori Mystery Bag: Developing the Stereognostic Sense

Montessori activities for preschoolers at home. DIY ideas and Montessori materials for my 3.5 year old.

Montessori Activities for Preschoolers

The Brilliant Child: The Environment

The children loved this name and picture recognition/matching work that I created with cardstock, labels, and my handy dandy printer.

I love pinterest. My favourite thing about pinterest is finding DIY activities and ideas from all kinds of sources that I wouldn’t otherwise come across. Most of the activities that I do with…

Montessori Toddler Activities

toddler montessori activities home Racheous loveable learning get out the mini wooden dowels and use for posting

Montessori Monday – Montessori-Inspired Valentine’s Day Activities

Montessori Monday – Montessori-Inspired Valentine’s Day Activities

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Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks  Language by QualityMontessori, $19.50

Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks for the Beginning Reader : Childrens Language Learning Aids : Toys & Games

The Family Box - Wooden Little People Playset - Learning Toy Montessori and Waldorf Inspired Natural Play by MamaMayI on Etsy

The Family Box - Wooden People Playset - A Montessori and Waldorf Inspired Natural Learning Toy by MamaMayI on Etsy

Free template for Montessori blue scalene triangles.

Homemade Montessori Trianges

Homemade Montessori triangles are easy to make and a terrific tool for teaching your kids about shapes and geometry.