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9 Things People That Have a Hard Shell but Soft Inside Want You to Know

tessaandscottlove:  creds to owner  ~ Interview # 1 ~  Tessa: I think the ability to laugh and be completely yourself with someone else is the most romantic thing ever. Scott: Aww. Now that’s just cute. ~ Interview # 2~  Scott: What’s your favourite thing about skating with the one and only Scott Moir? Tessa: My favourite thing is how much Mr. Scott Moir makes me laugh.    Does she not see it???? Nope….refuse to believe she doesn’t

I bring laughing as I try and shove You across the ice. He grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me into a hug, his high-pitched, beautiful laugh rings out.

Our life will be filled with moments like this ❤

Cozy in our wales hotel room together and forever // couples goals // love you like mad // finally alone

thursdays-at-the-coffeeshop:  Amanda Ciurdar

This would be a great pregnancy announcement if the couple were holding tiny little shoes! Love the different perspective!

couples who build forts together stay together its lit fam! be ready for the vlog of this!

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