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FP Turnout Legging

Turnout Leggings Ideal for dance, these luxury performance leggings are American made from our premium Italian-sourced tech fabric. Our Perfect Form Blend provides two-way stretch, UV protection, and superior breathability. Get wrapped up in your workou

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I am in love with those leggings!!! LOOVVVE <3 Follow... @nikkibrawn

Graphic High Rise Leggings

I am in love with those leggings!

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http://launch.yesiyoga.com/ref/Q1504161 help this yoga apparel business launch their company :)

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'For those wounded by civilization, yoga is the most healing salve.' ~T.

64921 - DUDE AH LIKE WOOW where do i even start ok first of all ty for loving destiel as much as i do rly love having someone that relates to that tbh but ur like the cas to my dean in our gay day dream like what would i do without being able to talk to you about food and tv shows like???? I LOVE YOU ♥

thesuncameouttoplay: “ Just experienced a canopy walk, suspended above a lush Ghanaian rainforest 🙈 it’s been a surreal month, and such an awesome way to soend the last few days here.

pause and reflect | Cute yoga clothes @ http://www.FitnessApparelExpress.com need new work-out pants...either black or a wild print, otherwise if it's just a full light colored pant you can see sweat through it

these lululemon pants are going at the top of my list this year!

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Because excessive vigorous exercise leads to a lot of oxidative stress.