I Want My Skull Back by taconaco on DeviantArt - Not mine. Makes perfect sense that the story would've gone a lot shorter if it was a Sherlock parody.


I don't even watch this show, but I love the fact that Watson just puts down his newspaper like "you did this yesterday. Is this a thing now?" - I watch this now. Series 4 can't come any sooner.

Its so funny because Ben turns away to hide his laughter and its just great XD

Its so funny because Ben turns away to hide his laughter and its just great - Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock & John - johnlock

John hahaha

but I m glad Mike and John talked with each other at last - without Mike John would never meet Sherlock :-)

Some of the best fanart for Sherlock that I've seen. So good.

This has got to be some of the most beautiful and meaningful Sherlock fanart I have ever seen. <-- this picture is amazing. <-- I don't really ship Johnlock but I still think this is too meaningful to not pin.

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"You really don't like taking care of yourself while on a case, do you?" "You are the one who forced me to do this, John." "YOU DIDN'T EVEN TAKE OFF YOUR CLO--" "I require another duck.

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I died, then I laughed a lot. Then died again. Because this is hilarious.

There will come a day when I do not pin a gif of Martin Freemen dancing... BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!

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This is beautiful

"so did you know this scene was andrew's audition for moriarty"<- I can honestly say this is probably exactly how that went << do you want more adorable Andrew Scott? He plays this Welsh guy who is just plain adorable!


Sherlock is the sweetest best friend. Drink the coffee, jawn. I drugged it!

Martin is me

I, for one, think that martin freeman is a heck of a lot better than Benedict cumberbatch << I love them both the same, and I really don't like people comparing two wonderful humans.

happy dance Johnlock photo tumblr_lzltekV8Dw1qkj49ko1_500.gif

Oh my god this is adorable. Anyone else have the song playing in their heads?<<<< Because everyone needs a dancing Johnlock on their account.